Monday, June 6, 2011

Injunctions as a Remedy: What elements must be satisfied?

PERMANENT INJUNCTIONS AS A FORM OF JUDICIAL RELIEF To obtain a permanent injunction, a plaintiff must prove (1) the existence of a wrongful act, (2) the existence of imminent harm, (3) the existence of irreparable injury, and (4) the absence of an adequate remedy at law. Jim Rutherford Investments Inc. v. Terramar Beach Community Ass'n., 25 S.W.3d 845, 849 (Tex. App.—Hous. [14 Dist.] 2000, pet. den’d). SOURCE: Waco Court of Appeals - 10-09-00276-CV - 5/11/11 TEMPORARY VS. PERMANENT INJUNCTIONS: Different rules apply Rule 683 does not apply to permanent injunctions In his final point of error, [ appellant ] argues that the trial court’s order granting permanent injunction is void because it fails to comply with the requirements of Rule 683 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure in that it “fails to set forth any reason for its issuance” and “fails to describe in reasonable detail . . . the act or acts sought to be restrained.” Rule 683 states that “[e]very order granting an injunction . . . shall set forth the reasons for its issuance; shall be specific in terms; shall describe in reasonable detail and not by reference to the complaint or other document, the act or acts sought to be restrained.” Tex. R. Civ. P. 683. The requirements of Rule 683 are mandatory and must be strictly followed. Qwest Commc’ns Corp. v. AT & T Corp., 24 S.W.3d 334, 337 (Tex. 2000) (per curiam); InterFirst Bank San Felipe, N.A. v. Paz Constr. Co., 715 S.W.2d 640, 641 (Tex. 1986) (per curiam); Monsanto Co. v. Davis, 25 S.W.3d 773, 788 (Tex. App.—Waco 2000, pet. dism’d w.o.j.). If an injunction order fails to comply with the requirements of Rule 683, it is void. Qwest Commc’ns Corp., 24 S.W.3d at 337; AutoNation, Inc. v. Hatfield, 186 S.W.3d 576, 581 (Tex. App.—Houston [14th Dist.] 2005, no pet.). However, it is well-established that Rule 683 applies only to temporary or ancillary injunctions and does not apply to permanent injunctions. Vaughn v. Drennon, 202 S.W.3d 308, 321 (Tex. App.—Tyler 2006, no pet.); Qaddura v. Indo-European Foods, Inc., 141 S.W.3d 882, 892 (Tex. App.—Dallas 2004, pet. denied); Shields v. State, 27 S.W.3d 267, 273 (Tex. App.—Austin 2000, no pet.); Spinuzzi v. Town of Corinth, 665 S.W.2d 530, 534 (Tex. App.—Fort Worth 1983, no writ). SOURCE: Texarkana Court of Appeals - No. 06-10-00113-CV - 5/26/11 ("Because the trial court granted a permanent injunction in this case, rather than a temporary injunction, Rule 683 does not apply. Accordingly, we overrule this point of error.")

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