Monday, June 6, 2011

Fraud by non-disclosure: Essential elements

FRAUD BY NONDISCLOSURE The elements of fraud by nondisclosure are: (1) the defendant failed to disclose facts to the plaintiff; (2) the defendant had a duty to disclose those facts; (3) the facts were material; (4) the defendant knew the plaintiff was ignorant of the facts and the plaintiff did not have an equal opportunity to discover the facts; (5) the defendant was deliberately silent when it had a duty to speak; (6) by failing to disclose the facts, the defendant intended to induce the plaintiff to take some action or refrain from acting; (7) the plaintiff relied on the defendant’s nondisclosure; and (8) the plaintiff was injured as a result of acting without that knowledge. Bright v. Addison, 171 S.W.3d 588, 599 (Tex. App.—Dallas 2005, pet. denied). SOURCE: Waco Court of Appeals - 10-10-00354-CV - 5/4/11

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