Texas Causes of Action & Affirmative Defenses

Texas Causes of Action & Affirmative Defenses

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Conversion (2014 case law)


Conversion is the wrongful exercise of dominion and control over the personal property of another, to the exclusion of or inconsistent with the owner's rights. Waisath v. Lack's Stores, Inc., 474 S.W.2d 444, 447 (Tex. 1971). A plaintiff suing for conversion must prove that (1) the plaintiff owned, possessed, or had the right to immediate possession of personal property; (2) the defendant exercised dominion and control over the property in an unlawful and unauthorized manner, (3) the defendant refused plaintiff's demand for return of the property; and (4) the plaintiff suffered injury. Cluck v. Mecom, 401 S.W.3d 110, 116 (Tex. App.-Houston [14th Dist.] 2011, pet. denied); Robin Singh Educ. Servs., Inc. v. Test Masters Educ. Servs., Inc., 401 S.W.3d 95, 97 (Tex. App.-Houston [14th Dist.] 2011, no pet.).

SOURCE: HOUSTON COURT OF APPEAL - 14-13-00113-CV - 7/15/2014