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Texas Causes of Action & Affirmative Defenses

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Can contract be enforced if it contains an illegal provision?


Dallas Court of Appeals has this to say in case involving attorney fee contract:  
We have held “that where an otherwise legal contract contains an illegal provision that is not an essential feature of the agreement, thus being clearly severable from other valid provisions, the other provisions of the agreement will not be deemed to be invalid simply because of the presence of the illegal provision.” Rogers v. Wolfson, 763 S.W.2d 922, 925 (Tex. App.-Dallas 1989, writ denied); see also Zep Mfg. Co. v. Harthcock, 824 S.W.2d 654, 662 (Tex. App.-Dallas 1992, no writ) (“Where a contracting party agrees to perform separable acts, and one is void, the invalid provision may be severed from the valid provision and the valid provision enforced if the intent of the parties is not thereby frustrated.”); Mandril v. Kasishke, 620 S.W.2d 238, 247 (Tex. Civ. App.-Amarillo 1981, writ ref'd n.r.e.). 
SOURCE:  DALLAS COURT OF APPEALS - 05-10-00725-CV – 4/27/12
[Father of client in criminal case] does not challenge the trial court's finding of fact that he signed the fee agreement. In another unchallenged finding, the trial court found that the fee agreement is “a valid contract and enforceable.” We conclude that the fee agreement is clearly severable from the irrevocable assignment and is valid regardless of the validity of the irrevocable assignment.
[Parent of client in criminal case]  agreed “to be responsible for my sons Atty Fees as set out in this Contract and Irrevocable Assignment” signed the same date. The fee is set out in both the fee agreement and the irrevocable assignment. But [Parent's] agreement to be responsible for those fees is not contingent of the validity of the irrevocable assignment. The irrevocable assignment was merely a means of payment of or security for the attorney's fees under the fee agreement. It was not an essential feature of the agreement to pay TWLF for its services in representing [son] in the federal criminal prosecution. The fee agreement is clearly enforceable without the irrevocable assignment. Nothing is illegal about a contract to pay an attorney for his services or an agreement by a parent to be responsible for the fees for representing his child in a criminal proceeding.